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width for that element, the CSSspecification says that its width will tend toward zero. Thus, afloated paragraph could literally be one character wide, assumingthat to be the browser's minimum value forwidth. In order to avoid this problem, make surethat you declare a width for your floated elements. Otherwise, youcould get something like Figure 7-66.

Figure 7-66

Figure 7-66. Floated text without an explicit width

border="0" alt="Library Navigation Links" >

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1.4.3. The @import Directive

Now for the stuff that is found inside the STYLEtag. First, we have something very similar toLINK: the@import directive. Just likeLINK, @import can be used todirect the web browser to load an external style sheet and use itsstyles in the rendering of the HTML document. The only real Collapsing vertical margins

There is one other importantaspect of vertical formatting, which is the collapsing of adjacentmargins. This comes into play when an element with declared marginsimmediately follows another such element in the document'slayout. This was discussed in the previous chapter, using thisexample:

LI {margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px;}

6.1.1. Foreground Colors

Theeasiest way to set the foreground color of an element is with theproperty color.