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Index: X

x-height: em and ex units
XML (Extensible Markup Language): 1.2.6. Preparing for the Future
display property and: 2.9.1. Why Does the display Property Exist?
selectors in: 2.1.2. Simple Selectors

BODY {color: white; background-color: black;} /* author styles */ BODY {color: black;}

Since, in this circumstance, the author's styles will outweigh the reader's styles -- that's how it is under CSS1, anyway -- then the new style sheet for this document will be as follows (shown in Figure 6-21):

/* combined styles */
BODY {color: black; background-color: black;}
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along with your background image. I won't do so in thissection, since we're concentrating onbackground-image for the moment. We'll comeback to why setting a color is a good idea later on in the chapter.

A background image can be applied to any element, whether block-levelor inline. BODY is the most common element towhich backgrounds are applied, of course, but there's no needto stop there. For example:

border-style). Negative length values are notpermitted.

border-styleIE4 P/Y IE5 P/Y NN4 P/P Op3 Y/-

Sets the style of the overall border ofan element, using the color set by border-color or the foreground ofthe element itself if no border-color has been defined. CSS1 does notrequire recognition of any values besides none andsolid. Any unrecognized value from the list ofvalues should be reinterpreted as solid.

How this corresponds to our regular decimal (base 10) numbering isfairly straightforward. 05 is equal to 5,0C is equal to 12, 0F is thesame as 15, and 10 is equal to 16. No, really.1F is equal to 31, 20 to 32,and so on. It goes like this:

Computers have been using hex notation for quite some time now, andtypically programmers either are trained in its use or pick it up