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Index: O

oblique text: 5.4.1. Fonts with Style
octothorpe (#) preceding ID selectors: 2.3.2. ID Selectors
offsets (see side-offset properties)
and right padding first off. Here, if we set values for the left orright padding, they will be visible, as Figure 7-60makes apparent.

B {padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; background: silver;}
Figure 7-60

Figure 7-60. Padding on an inline element

Note the extra background space that appears on either end of theboldfaced text. There's your padding.

This all seems familiar enough, even when the boldfaced text

CSS implementation in: 1.3.2. Implementations
padding and: 7.5.4. Padding: Known Issues
padding values, negative: 7.5. Padding
operating system, colors and: 10.5.2. Colors
order sorting: 2.8. The Cascade
ordered lists: 7.7.1. Types of Lists
7.7.2. List Item Images
origin image: Length values
origin sorting: 2.8. The Cascade
origins: 2.8. The Cascade
orphans property: 10.8.1. Paged Media
outline properties: 10.5.3. Outlines
overflow: 9.1.4. Content Overflow and Clipping
overflow-clip property: Overflow clipping
overflow clipping: Overflow clipping
overflow property: Overflow
elements, altering: 9.5. Stacking Positioned Elements
floated elements, preventing: 8.3.1. Floating: The Details
margins (see collapsing margins)
text, preventing: 8.4.3. Managing the Line Height of Inline Elements
overlining: 4.1.6. Text Decoration
overriding previously declared values: 11.1.3. Case 3: Putting a Magazine Article Online

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 First, note that HTML ignores 
carriage returns           and 
extra spaces.<BR>You have to specify line breaks. First, note that HTML ignores carriage returns and extra spaces. styles from any LINK element with a REL of alternate stylesheet unless that style sheet is selected by the user.

1.4.2. The STYLE Element

The STYLE element, which is a relatively new