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Index: M

margin-bottom property: 7.3.4. Single-Side Margin Properties
margin-left property: 7.3.4. Single-Side Margin Properties
margin property: 7.3. Margins
margin-right property: 7.3.4. Single-Side Margin Properties
margin-top property: 7.3.4. Single-Side Margin Properties
margins: 7. Boxes and Borders
7.3. Margins
collapsing: 7.3.5. Collapsing Margins
block-level elements: Collapsing vertical margins
floated elements: 7.6.1. Floated Elements
horizontal, noncollapsing: 8.2.2. Horizontal Formatting
inline elements and: 7.3.7. Margins and Inline Elements
caution with: 7.3.8. Margins: Known Issues
length values and: 7.3.1. Length Values and Margins
negative (see negative margins)
vs. padding: 7.2. Margins or Padding?
percentages and: 7.3.2. Percentages and Margins
replication: 7.3.3. Replicating Values
single side, setting margin for: 7.3.4. Single-Side Margin Properties
table cells and: 1.3.1. Limited Initial Scope
markers: 8.2.3. List Items
8.2.3. List Items
10.4.2. Markers
example, we can see this very clearly:

/*   assume only two faces for this example: 'Regular' and 'Bold'   */
P {font-weight: 900;}   /* as bold as possible, which will look 'bold' */
P SPAN {font-weight: 700;}   /* this will also be bold */
STRONG {font-weight: lighter;}   /* lighter than its parent */
B {font-weight: lighter;}   /*lighter still */
900 <SPAN> 700 <STRONG> 400 <B> 300 <STRONG> 200
matching hyphenated values: Matching hyphenated values
matching single attribute values: Matching single attribute values
max-height property: Limiting width and height
max-width property: Limiting width and height
media types: 1.3.1. Limited Initial Scope
10.8. Media Types and @-rules
Microsoft Internet Explorer (see Internet Explorer)
middle alignment: In the middle
millimeters (mm): 3.2.1. Absolute Length Units
min-height property: Limiting width and height
min-max properties: Limiting width and height
min-width property: Limiting width and height
monospace fonts: 5.1. Font Families
multiple pages, using styles on: 1.2.3. Using Your Styles on Multiple Pages

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DIV. The fact that it overlaps the paragraphdoesn't matter, at least not technically.

Now let's consider an example where the margins of a list item,an unordered list, and a heading are all collapsed. In this case, theunordered list and heading will be set to have negative margins:

LI {margin-bottom: 20px;}UL {margin-bottom: -15px;}H1 {margin-top: -18px;}
A relative URL specifies a file relative to the location of the file containing the URL.  An absolute URL specifies the full server name and path from the root directory of the web-server.  Suppose your web page is and it includes a link to cadavers.html which is located in the same subdirectory.  The link could specify the relative URL <A HREF="cadavers.html"> (the default scheme is http://) or the absolute URL <A HREF="">.  Relative URLs are usually preferable.  If you moved your site to, you would have to fix all the absolute URLs; but the relative URLs would

The styles between the opening and closing STYLE tags are referred to as the document style sheet or the embedded style sheet , since this style sheet is embedded within the document. It contains styles that apply to the document, but it can also contain multiple links to external style sheets using the @import directive.