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Index: L

:lang pseudo-class: :lang
leading: 4.1.2. The Height of Lines
half-leading: Generating a line box
left property: 9.1.2. Side Offsets
:left pseudo-class: Miscellaneous pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes
10.8.1. Paged Media
length units: 3.2. Length Units
font sizes, setting with: 5.3.5. Using Length Units
length values
for background positioning: Length values
margins: 7.3.1. Length Values and Margins
letterspacing: Letterspacing
letter-spacing property: Letterspacing
lighter text: 5.2.3. Lightening Weights
line box: 8.4.2. Inline Formatting
generating: Generating a line box
line-breaking, margins and: 7.3.7. Margins and Inline Elements
line height: 4.1.2. The Height of Lines
8.4.2. Inline Formatting
in font property: 5.5.1. Adding the Line Height
images and: 8.4.4. Inline Replaced Elements
managing for inline elements: 8.4.3. Managing the Line Height of Inline Elements
scaling: Scaling the line heights
line-height property: 4.1.2. The Height of Lines
line layout: 8.4.1. Line Layout
line-through value: 4.1.6. Text Decoration
LINK attribute: 2.4.1. Pseudo-Class Selectors
LINK element: 1.4.1. The LINK Tag
:link pseudo-class: 2.4.1. Pseudo-Class Selectors
linking style sheets: 1.4.1. The LINK Tag
background images, placing in: 6.2.1. Background Images
color, setting: 6.1.1. Foreground Colors
removing underlining from: 4.1.6. Text Decoration
list-item elements: 2.9. Classification of Elements
list items: 7.7. Lists
8.2.3. List Items
horizontal formatting and: 8.2.2. Horizontal Formatting
list-style-image property: 7.7.2. List Item Images
list-style-position property: 7.7.3. List Item Positions
list-style property: 7.7.4. List Styles In Shorthand
list-style-type property: 7.7.1. Types of Lists
lists: 7.7. Lists
7.7. Lists
include a generic font family as a last resort, e.g.
   <FONT FACE="Creepy, Times New Roman, serif">
Generic font families include serif, sans-serif, monospace, cursive and fantasy

Note that as of HTML 4, you are encouraged to use style sheets instead of these in-line font manipulations, but these tags work fine. 

(see also list items)
position of: 7.7.3. List Item Positions
shorthand property: 7.7.4. List Styles In Shorthand
types of: 7.7.1. Types of Lists
lowercase text: 4.1.5. Text Transformation

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properly stated, the side margins of H1 elements will be 10% of the width of the H1's parent element.

Let's revisit that example for a moment:

H1 {margin: 0.5em 10% 0.5em 10%;}

Seems a little redundant, doesn't it? After all, you have to type in the same pair of values twice. Fortunately, CSS offers an easy way to avoid this.