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Index: H

half-leading: Generating a line box
hanging floats: Negative margins and floating
hanging indents: Indenting text
hash mark (see octothorpe)
header of a table: 10.7. Tables
Hebrew, default text alignment: Aligning text
red. If, on the other hand, you wished to create apale red color, then you would want to raise the other two values:

H1 {color: rgb(75%,50%,50%);}

The easiest way to visualize how these percentages correspond tocolor is to create a table of gray values. Besides, grayscaleprinting is all we can afford for this book, so that's whatwe'll have to do:

Figure 3-1 shows what the various percentage values

block-level elements: Height
limiting via min-max properties: Limiting width and height
lines (see line height)
positioning and: 9.1.3. Width and Height
height property: 7.1. Basic Element Boxes Setting width and height
hexadecimal colors: Hexadecimal colors
list of: Hexadecimal colors
hiding styles with @import: 11.2.2. Hiding Styles with @import
hierarchy of elements: 2.5. Structure
horizontal alignment: Aligning text
horizontal formatting: 8.2.2. Horizontal Formatting
horizontal margins, noncollapsing: 8.2.2. Horizontal Formatting
horizontal properties, block-level elements: Horizontal properties
:hover pseudo-class: :hover
HREF attribute: LINK attributes
HSPACE attribute: 8.1. Basic Boxes
HTML: 1.1. The Web's Fall from Grace
4.0 specification, phasing out tags: 1.2.6. Preparing for the Future
combined with CSS: 1.4. Bringing CSS and HTML Together
11.1.2. Case 2: Library Catalog System Interface
selectors in: 2.1.2. Simple Selectors
structure: 2.5. Structure
STYLE element: 1.4.2. The STYLE Element
styling compared to CSS: 1.2.1. Rich Styling
tips for using: 11.2. Tips & Tricks
whitespace in: Handling whitespace
HTML attributes
ALINK: 2.4.1. Pseudo-Class Selectors
of BODY element: 2.4.1. Pseudo-Class Selectors BODY attributes
CLASS: 2.3.1. Class Selectors
HREF: LINK attributes
HSPACE: 8.1. Basic Boxes
LINK: 2.4.1. Pseudo-Class Selectors
of LINK element: LINK attributes
quotation marks with: 5.1.3. Using Quotation Marks
single attribute values, matching: Matching single attribute values
STYLE: 1.4.6. Inline Styles
2.7.1. Inheritance and Specificity
2.8. The Cascade
5.1.3. Using Quotation Marks
TYPE: LINK attributes
VLINK: 2.4.1. Pseudo-Class Selectors
HTML comments: 1.4.4. Actual Styles
HTML documents, style sheets linked to: 1.4.1. The LINK Tag
background images, placing in: 6.2.1. Background Images
color, setting: 6.1.1. Foreground Colors
removing underlining from: 4.1.6. Text Decoration
hyphenated values, matching: Matching hyphenated values
hyphenation: Aligning text

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containing block. Without the relative positioning of the parent element, the containing block would be another element. Consider a case where the element being positioned is a child of the BODY element, e.g., a paragraph or heading element. With the right styles, the containing block for the positioned element will be the entire BODY element. Thus, applying the following styles to the BODY and the fifth paragraph in a document would lead to a situation similar to that shown in Figure 9-20:


Borders cannot be applied to inline elements inNavigator 4.x orExplorer4.x/5.x. Only Opera 3.x draws borders aroundinline elements, and it only caps the beginning and end of theelement. This is in agreement with the CSS specification, althoughthis is not discussed here (see Chapter 8, "Visual Formatting", formore details).

If this is so, and it's likely that it will be, you will haveto declare your own styles to overcome the UA's styles.Inheritance won't be enough in such a case.

7.7.2. List Item Images

Sometimes, of course, a pregeneratedbullet just won't do. Instead, you feel the need to use animage for each bullet. In the past, the only way to achieve this sort