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Index: G

gamma value set: 3.1.1. Named Colors
Gecko rendering engine: 1.3.2. Implementations
generated content: 10.4. Generated Content
generic font families: 5.1. Font Families
combining with actual: 5.1.2. Specifying Actual Font Names
importance of providing: 5.1.2. Specifying Actual Font Names
greater-than symbol (>) with child selectors: Child selector
declarations: 2.2.2. Grouping Declarations
selectors: 2.2. Grouping

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The drawback with border is that you can only define "global" styles, widths, and colors. In other words, the values you supply for border will apply to all four sides equally. If you want the borders to be different for a single element, you'll need to use some of the other border properties. Of course, it's possible to turn the cascade to your advantage:

H1 {border: thick silver solid;
border-left-width: 20px;}
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Figure 7-24

Figure 7-24. An inline element with a 10-pixel margin

This all seems simple enough, but when the boldfaced text stretches across multiple lines, the situation becomes a little odd. First, realize that the margins set for inline elements are not applied at the point where line-breaking occurs. This line-breaking happens in the course of wrapping text so that it fits inside the browser's window, for example, or inside a parent element. The only effect margins have on line-breaking is that, by causing extra space to appear within the line, they can move content over. This may