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Index: G

gamma value set: 3.1.1. Named Colors
Gecko rendering engine: 1.3.2. Implementations
generated content: 10.4. Generated Content
generic font families: 5.1. Font Families
combining with actual: 5.1.2. Specifying Actual Font Names
importance of providing: 5.1.2. Specifying Actual Font Names
greater-than symbol (>) with child selectors: Child selector
are described in much greater detail in Web Design in a Nutshell, by Jennifer Niederst, and Apache: The Definitive Guide, by Ben Laurie and Peter Laurie, both published by O'Reilly and Associates.

11.2.5. Getting Full Content Backgrounds in Navigator

declarations: 2.2.2. Grouping Declarations
selectors: 2.2. Grouping

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it's right-justified and yet not aligned with the right marginof the document; the letters are spaced rather far apart; the text issmall caps, and yet the first letter is much bigger than the others;finally, the entire thing is set in a large sans serif font.

Figure 11-14

Figure 11-14. The original document's title

Rather than dream up a new class for the title, let's just putit into an H1 and set styles on that element. At arough visual guess, the text is about three times larger than thebody text, and the space between each letter is about the size of one Overflow

So let's say that you have, for whatever reason, an elementthat has been pinned to a specific size, and the contentdoesn't fit. You can take control of the situation with theoverflow property.


This property only applies in one (or more) the following cases: