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A.4. Bug Reporting

slid up until the edge of one of the piece's plastic touches the edge of the other's content. If the first piece of paper has half an inch of plastic along its bottom edge, and the second has a third of an inch along its top, then when they slide together, the first piece's plastic will touch the top edge of the second piece of paper. The two are now done being placed on the canvas, and the plastic attached to the pieces is overlapping.

This is also occurs where multiple margins meet, such as at the end of a list. Adding to the earlier example, let us assume the following So you've validated your styles, checked for browser support, talked with experts, and it turns out that you've found a new bug in your web browser -- one that nobody has yet mentioned online, and that you suspect may have been previously unknown. Here's how to let the browser manufacturer know.


Reporting page



(Select "Reporting a product bug" from the Microsoft Products menu.)



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Perhaps you want your H1 elements to be colored a shade of red somewhere between the values for red and maroon. red is simply rgb(100%,0%,0%), whereas maroon is more like (50%,0%,0%). In order to get a color between those two, you might try this:

H1 {color: rgb(75%,0%,0%);}

This makes the red component of the color lighter than that ofmuch of the background image beyond the bottom of the browser window,as shown in Figure 6-53.

Figure 6-53

Figure 6-53. The background image appears too low to be seen fully

Furthermore, even assuming that the background image is initiallyvisible, it always scrolls with the document. Perhaps you don'twant to see what Figure 6-54 depicts:

Doing this has two immediate effects, as we can see from Figure 6-55. The first is that the background does notscroll along with the document. The second is that the position of border-top: medium black solid; border-bottom: thin black solid;margin: 1em; padding: 0.5em; background: #CCCCCC;width: 50%; float: right;}.author {font: italic x-small Times,serif; border-top: thin black solid;padding-top: 0.25em; margin-top: 0.5em;}.initial {text-indent: 0;}P.initial:first-letter {font-size: 200%; float: left;}H1 {font: 300% Helvetica,sans-serif; font-variant: small-caps;letter-spacing: 0.75em; text-align: right; padding-right: 1em;line-height: 1em;}