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by Eric A. Meyer
ISBN 1-56592-622-6
First edition, published May 2000.
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: HTML and CSS
Chapter 2: Selectors and Structure
Chapter 3: Units and Values
Chapter 4: Text Properties
can be defined as an absolute size, a relative size, a length value, or a percentage value. Negative length and percentage values are not permitted. The dangers of font-size assignment are many and varied. Some of these dangers are covered in Chapter 4, "Text Properties".


H2 {font-size: 200%;}
H3 {font-size: 36pt;}


Chapter 5: Fonts
Chapter 6: Colors and Backgrounds
Chapter 7: Boxes and Borders
Chapter 8: Visual Formatting
Chapter 9: Positioning
Chapter 10: CSS2: A Look Ahead
Chapter 11: CSS in Action
Appendix A: CSS Resources
Appendix B: HTML 2.0 Style Sheet
Appendix C: CSS1 Properties
Appendix D: CSS Support Chart
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floated image. Further, this floated image has a right margin of five pixels (5px). You would expect the document to be rendered very much as shown in Figure 7-67.

Figure 7-67

Figure 7-67. Floating an image

Nothing unusual there, of course, but look what happens when we set the first paragraph to have a background, as has been done in Figure 7-68.

Figure 7-68

Figure 7-68. Floating images and element backgrounds

There is nothing different about the second example, except for the height and width of the element are determined by the placement of the sides. Assume that you want an element to fill the left half of its containing block, from top to bottom. You could use these styles, with the result depicted in Figure 9-4:

top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 50%;
top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 50%; width: auto; height: auto;

Now let's say you want to position an element that is in the upper-right corner of its containing block and is one-third as wide as its containing block, but only as tall as necessary to display its